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MITM – Brent Haskell MP3 Audio

This product is an MP3 Audio recording of Brent Haskell's talk given during the Miracles in the Mountains – A Conference With the Scribes – 2012 seminar.


Brent Haskell ~ “Challenges and Dilemmas Associated with Living in the World”

Brent is the author of Journey Beyond Words and The Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 (Miracles Studies Book). His presentation outline was as follows:

  • If the script is written, then how does the world seem to allow changes and accomplishments, i.e. learning and the change that comes with it, and choices that we make?
  • If the script is written, how can we effect healing and change, and how should we go about it?
  • How is it that the thoughts of the brain delude us into thinking that we are following a path to allow the death of the ego, when the ego itself is making up that same path?
  • Ego versus personality and the difference between the two and how that affects living in the world;
  • What is faith, how does it work, and CAN it work, especially if the script is written?
  • How the physical world MUST reflect the spiritual reality which created it, thus making everything part of the great unified Oneness.