The name DIAMOND CLEAR VISION was given to Teddy Poppe by a consortium of inner guides to whom he has been listening since 1986.

They explained their function to him as his “Tech Crew” and this is how he refers to them. The “Tech Crew” has prepared Teddy for the progressive stages of awakening that he has gone though. Teddy says they always seem to know what is most beneficial for him to learn before he even recognizes he has need for it.

…”when the next correction comes in, look directly at it! Look directly at it and you will be given DIAMOND CLEAR VISION. Look directly at it!”

Diamond Clear Vision publishes inspired books for the GREAT AWAKENING taking place within mankind. The “guidance and direction” for both the publishing staff and authors alike comes from listening within for guidance. This has become known as a “download” from the One Whole Universal Mind of truth, wisdom and understanding which we all share as Children of the Light.

In Teddy’s words:

While my name and signature along with my wife Vicki’s may appear on the corporate paper, neither one of us feels “ownership” in regards to Diamond Clear Vision. Our feeling is much more akin to “stewardship” or “guardianship” of a Sacred Trust that came as a gift from our Source and Creator (God). As this email attests, no one involved, web-masters or graphic-artists as well authors and the administration decided they wanted to have a career in publishing. We have all responded to a VOICE within and answered YES, not knowing exactly what we were saying YES to! We have all responded to a VOICE within and answered YES, not knowing exactly what we were saying YES to! Yet, we have found no worldly substitute for the happiness and joy the miraculous shifts in our perception have brought us as we progress in our awakening. We are all grateful for the guidance we have received to make manifest these incredible books as aids to the “Celestial speed-up” taking place within the world-wide Sonship and Brotherhood of Mankind

My Heart sees Diamond Clear Vision as a volunteer project. “My Heart sees Diamond Clear Vision as a volunteer project. Teddy heard guidance and said “yes”. That means he is a volunteer. Sure, there’s a dang good chance that money will be made through this project, but that has nothing to do with why Teddy said “yes”, as far as I know. When Teddy told me he had guidance to publish “The Teachings of Inner Ramana”, I’d never had the thought to publish it. But I heard a very clear voice within me say “Just say ‘yes’.” So I said yes. This is how I became a volunteer. Again, there’s a good chance that money may come out of my willingness to say “yes”, but money had nothing to do with my answer or involvement. Larry Seyer has produced the audios for both “The Teachings of Inner Ramana” and “The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament” with the same volunteer attitude.

I watched as he realized he was a volunteer and let go of his attachment to the idea of making lots of money. Now he is a volunteer. It would be kind of fun if he makes lots of money too, but it is clearly not about that for him. I love it that we are volunteers, and I love it that we may be paid too. Our real reason for doing this has nothing to do with money, nor is it about ‘fame’ or ‘business success’. Our heart-reason for doing this is the purpose of awakening, which is the purpose of our books.”